Our Story


At the heart of Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church’s story was the providential care of our Lord for his people. Thirteen people were faced with an unexpected separation from our previous congregation. Yet, by God’s providence, we emerged humbled and with gracious spirits, praying and looking for His direction. During this time, as we met in a member’s home for bible study, our fellowship became a worship service.


As we began to grow in numbers, it became increasingly clear to us that, If in the Lord allowed, we should form a local church, because, as believers, we are called to corporate worship. Within a few months God made our path forward clear to become a church plant of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). We continued to meet every week for worship and fellowship.


On June 18, 2023, were able to move our worship into an historic Presbyterian Church building in the local area.  We now have weekly services at the church  and fellowship with lunch afterwards in the fellowship hall. How encouraging that a seemingly bitter providence would render such sweet results! As we grow, our efforts are to remain true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ…The Good News!

We welcome you to Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church, a Christ centered, faith filled church yearning to share the love of our Lord to all. Our church is born of a work by the Lord, and we are drawn by His Grace to continue to spread the Gospel!

Our Beliefs


We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are sufficient for our spiritual needs, clear to understand, and the final authority for how we ought to live in this life (2 Tim 3:16-17). Therefore we are convinced that the Scriptures must be studied. Above all, though, we believe that the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, points us to our gracious and merciful Savior Jesus Christ (Luke 24:27). It is for this reason that we love studying the Bible.


We hold to the creeds and confessions of the Ancient and Reformed Church, as we believe they are an accurate and faithful summary of the teachings of Scripture (2 Thes 2:15). As a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, we hold to the Westminster Standards, which includes the Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. Our creedal and confessional commitments unite us with the church universal, that is, saints down through the ages and around the world (Jude 1:3).


We are governed by a body of elders called by God and elected by the congregation. Jesus, our Chief Shepherd, has appointed under-shepherds to care for His flock until He returns (Eph 4:11-14; 1 Pet 5:1-4). Following the pattern of the Apostolic Church, we are united to other churches in a supportive and collaborative manner (Acts 15:1-4). Our elders serve the denomination regionally through presbyteries and nationally through the annual General Assembly.

Our Leadership

As a church plant still awaiting a pastor, our leadership comes directly from the Presbytery of the South of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. This is our temporary oversight session and they're working diligently to find a pastor and develop leaders within our congregation.

David Chilton

OPC Pastor & Regional Home Missionary

Mark Winder

OPC Pastor

Warren Bennet lll

OPC Pastor

Joel Mertens

OPC Elder